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Free Website Security Analysis and Penetration Test Services

Behind of the most secure organizations in the world, Mendax global security team are there to provide an extraordinary advantage in the battle for real information security. Through testing, training, and awe-inspiring presentations, Mendax Team will help your organization make cyber threats vanish.

Our Service Areas

Mendax Software is a subsidiary of Mendax Enterprises. Mendax Software basically provides cyber security services. In addition Mendax Software provides, Alexa ranking optimization and SEO services.

Website Security

We have been providing free web security analysis services to our customers since 2018. Click here for more information about our security services.

Penetration Testing

Since 2018, we have been organizing special penetration tests for each of our customers. We identify and report vulnerabilities, share them and provide security training.

Artificial Intelligence

2019'un son çeyreğinde Mendax Yazılım bir yan platform olan Ai Exploration'ı kurdu ve yapay zeka araştırma geliştirme çalışmaları başlattı. ArGe çalışmalarımızı incelemek için tıklayınız.

Alexa Sıralama Optimizasyonu

Müşterilerimizin Alexa sıralamalarını üst sıralamalara çıkartmak için her geçen gün geliştirdiğimiz sistemimiz ile hizmet veriyoruz. Daha fazla bilgi almak için tıklayınız.

Find And Understand Risks!

Nobody wants a big data breach. The fact is that the most violated site owners are those who think they have great defenses. The cyber security market is getting more and more crowded with new products and technology developments. So how do you know you’re safe enough?

Let us provide you with an unprecedented service on your hidden security vulnerabilities and be safe and ready for real-world cyber threats with the help of the world’s first free website security analytics team.

Your Penetration Test Results

• Real world results of simulated cyber attacks in a safe and controlled environment.

• Special recommendations to strengthen your current system and change your security mentality.

• Detailed information and security training to your security team and other employees.

Are You Interested?

If you want to take advantage of the services we offer to our users, you can be one of them immediately. You can reach the services we offer on our store page by clicking the button below!

How Ai Transformers Works?

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